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The cultivar was created by interspecific hybridization with the participation of the species Prunus persica and Prunus ferganensis from the parent combination ‘Hale’ x (‘Elberta’ × ‘Ferganskiy zholtiy’). The cultivar shows a high level of disease resistance to powdery mildew. Fruits ripen a week after those of ‘Redhaven’. They are very large, with an average weight of 220-240 g. The fruit skin is finely fuzzy, intense red in colour, with a very good taste. Some fruits can reach 450 g in weight.


The cultivar was obtained in 1949 in the USA by crossing free-pollinated seedlings of ‘Hale’. It was imported to Bulgaria in 1970. The growth of the trees is moderately vigorous, with a broad spherical crown. The flowering time is early and the flowers are bell-shaped. The cultivar shows high fertility. Fruits ripen in mid-August. They are large, with an average weight of 180-200 g. The skin is yellow, almost entirely covered with dark red overcolour, finely fuzzy, with a beautiful appearance. The fruit flesh is golden yellow, slightly reddish around the stone, juicy, and with an excellent taste. The stone is large, dark and free from the fruit flesh. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and processing into canes and nectars.


The cultivar was created in 1930 in Michigan, USA, by crossing ‘Halehaven’ × ‘Kalhaven’. It was imported into Bulgaria in 1963. It has been the main standard cultivar for a long time. The tree is moderate in growth, with a broad spreading crown. The flowers are bell-shaped. Flowering is moderately early and abundant. The cultivar is characterized by high frost resistance. Fruits ripen in late July to early August. They are large with an average weight of 160-180 g. The skin is entirely or partially covered in red overcolour. It is moderately fuzzy and is easily separating from the fruit flesh. The flesh is golden-yellow, juicy, sweet-sour, and with very good taste. The stone is large, dark and free from the fruit flesh. Fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and for processing into canes and nectars. 


This late-ripening American cultivar was obtained in California. It was imported into Bulgaria in 1970. The growth of the tree is moderate to vigorous, with a medium-sized crown well garnished with fruiting wood. It begins to bear fruit early and is highly fertile. Flowering is moderately early to early. Fruits ripen in late September to early October. They have an average weight of 160-180 g, are spherical in shape, and symmetrical. The skin is pale yellow, more or less covered with a blurred, spotted or striped red overcolour. It does not separate from the flesh. The flesh is pale yellow, pale red around the stone, soft, fibrous, sour-sweet and good in taste. The stone is medium-sized with dark colour. The fruits are intended for fresh consumption, but they are also suitable for processing.


Късен американски сорт. Дървото е умерено до силно растящо, с широко кълбовидна корона. Сортът е сравнително устойчив на зимни студове.
Цъфтежът е средно ранен. Сортът е самофертилен и високопродуктивен. Плодовете узрявят около 20-25 август (за региона на Пловдив). Те са едри, кълбовидни, леко несиметрични, с характерна издатина покрай коремния шев. Кожицата е средно дебела, жълта, препокрита с червен руменец от огрятата от слънцето страна, слабо овласена с фини власинки. Месото е меко, сочно, жълто, зачервено около костилката, умерено сладко, с добри вкусови качества. Плодовете са подходящи за свежа консумация и преработка в компоти и нектари.